The environmen center, USA
Здание центра расположено в Санта Барбаре, США на территории учебного комплекса University of California at Santa Barbara, который является объединением школ и колледжей. Центр расположен на востоке площади Camino Conto, напротив исторического здания - амбара, на который и выходит его главный фасад. По условию, данный объект должен быть сохранен.
Здание является выставочным и обучающим. В нем расположены учебные и лекционные аудитории, лаборатории, библиотека, офисы для профессоров и 2 выставочных павильона.
Программы, представленные в центре : археология, минералогия, история амбара и его строительства, экология окружающей среды, экология береговой линии, сельское хозяйство и т.п.

The centre of history and environment.
The centre building is situated in Santa Barbara, the USA in the territory of the educational complex University of California at Santa Barbara which is an association of schools and colleges. The centre is located in the east of the square Camino Conto, opposite to a historical building - a barn on which its main facade looks on.Under the terms, the given object should be preserved.
There is a line of eucalyptuses in the background.
The total area of the Center of History and Environment makes 25 000 square foots.

The building is an exhibition and training centre. Educational and lecture audiences, laboratories, library, offices for professors and 2 exhibition halls are located in it. The programms presented in the centre: archeology, mineralogy, history of the barn and its building, environment ecology, ecology of a coastal line, agriculture, etc.

The building has 1 front and 1 emergency entrances. The structure of floors has levels, with atrium space adjoining a contour of the building.
All premises are interconnected among themselves and located sequentially, according to their functions.
The graphic decision of the building is constructed, being based on one of the main aspects of the task – connection with the historical object standing opposite. The new building of the centre repeats slopes and accurate lines, a triangular grid of a barn and its colour with concrete parts.
The centre has an exploited roofing, on which the recreation is placed, in which various kinds of plants are planted, that also gives an opportunity to their studying.

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